A word from the President

Serge EXARE CEO of Sobem-Scame France

“Experience is a torch shining backwards, which can only illuminate the path already taken”
Sobem-Scame is a company which works on a human scale. Our whole ethos is built on meeting our obligations.
And the well-being of our employees is a key component which enables us to achieve our shared objectives.
This is absolutely non-negotiable for Sobem-Scame.
Today, the company is built on three key foundations: Openness, Trust and Empowerment.
Our watchword is our passion for service and our signature is our unwavering commitment to and respect for our suppliers and clients. In 2012, Sobem-Scame implemented a strategy for further improvement.
Using the 5S method, we have established a firm corporate philosophy.
We took this method and made it our own:
                                                                 Strength              Satisfaction (in the workplace)           Solidarity                Savvy           Smiles.
Our team is on the road to a shared dream, which grows and becomes more beautiful every day.
We want to share this adventure with you!